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For my senior trip we traveled in Europe to Italy, Germany and my favorite Austria. If I could go back right now I would. The atmosphere there was nothing like I’ve felt before. I felt like I was in the Sound of Music. In our rooms we would keep the windows and doors open all night with no problem, because it was such a safe environment. My favorite part of Austria was the food though. The fact that they have about 5 servings for one meal was awesome. 1. Appetizer 2. Soup 3. Salad 4. Entree and 5. Dessert. Everything was always so delicious! But my favorite/best thing I had there wasn’t during dinner time, instead it was from breakfast. I never liked yogurt, not the biggest fan until Austria. I had the most delicious plain yogurt I have ever had. I swear it tasted as if they just made it from the cows outside the window. I had it everyday I was there. They served it with raisins, cranberries, and granola. It was so delicious, I couldn’t get enough of it. It was sweet and perfectly creamy and smoothe. Still, I haven’t tasted that same yogurt. No matter how organic, fresh and perfect it says on the label…its nothing like the yogurt in Austria.

Thats the best thing I ever tasted :)



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