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Last night my Aunt Peelee and Uncle Charlie were coming down from Georgia to visit. I thought I’d do something nice and I chose to bake a cake for them. Looking through a baking book I had, the three tier German Chocolate cake looked perfect. So I made the cakes (which was a challenge in itself cause you had the dry ingredients, the wet and then the butter and sugar mixture…that wasn’t looking to “light and fluffy”) and they were looking okay. While they were in the oven I started to make the coconut part. It required evaporated milk, sugar, butter, pecans, and coconut. You basically cook it all together in a sauce pan at a boil and then let it cool and thicken. I’m making this sound easy…but it really wasn’t. Plus I’m horrible at baking. After the cakes came out started to stack them and put the coconut/pecan part in the middle. And made my beautiful three tier German chocolate cake. For some reason though, as I was soaking in my great success, I grabbed the can of evaporated milk and decided to look at the date. AUGUST 12, 2005. 

Enough said. What made it better was the rust inside the can. Goodbye German chocolate cake… I was defeated :(


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