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I guess you can say my absence has been a bit long, but I’m gonna try harder, promise! So! Last night I went to a new Japanese restraunt called, Maido. Very small and homey feel. I believe there’s only 30 seats available! A bar to watch the one sushi chef, who is also the owner, and regular table seating. I ordered one ingredient sushi rolls - avocado roll, grilled salmon, and a spicy tuna roll. I truly can say one of the top 5 best sushi. Everything is perfectly simple.

Yum yum :) I highly recommend a visit!

I’ll be back! - I promise!

Miss kellyannfreire

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My new found favorite food is sushi! Well, its not new to me, but it has now become my favorite meal. And what makes it so much better is how easy it is to make! The only items you need is, bamboo mat, seaweed, rice, uncooked fish (such as tuna and salmon), avocado, cream cheese, aspargus, pinapple, eel, japanese mayo, norman brothers mustard sauce ;), and whatever else you want. What makes this even better is, you don’t need all of that! You pick a choose what you want. On this night we were feeding seven people so we had a lot!

You start off with your bamboo mat. (Remember to keep your area dry!) Then you place the seaweed down (shiny side up!). Wet your hands to handle the rice and pat it down leave at the top a line without anything. Then you add whatever you want! My favorite is spice tuna. Lay it down the middle of the roll. You roll the whole thing 360 degrees, pinch it and then roll it out from you. Put pressure so its tight and then slice into 6 or 8 pieces!

What makes this so easy is, theres not much to cook and its fast! I highly recommended everyone to try sushi and try making it too. The ingredients vary in prices, but you can certainly make it affordable for any night!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, comment below!


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I was asked the questions what my favorite protein, starch, and veggie was. I answered steak, pasta and peas. Now how do I make that into one meal? I’ve always thought steak was something that was seperate from its sides. Pasta could be a meal in itself and peas…classic easy veggie. But all together?

I got my skirt steak, peas and linguni pasta from work then add on some mushrooms and pesto sauce. I started with the steak - thinking it was probably the ingredient that would take the longest. Little did I know, the pasta was actually the one that took the longest. The steak took about 8 minutes to get pink in the middle (my favorite). I threw the steak in the oven to stay warm and finished up the pasta. The peas were done from steaming in the microwave. I wrapped them in wet paper towels for about two minutes. I didn’t put enough water and two minutes its too long. =/

Finally the pasta was done, I drained it and put the noodles right back into the pot. I poured the pesto and some extra, extra virgin olive oil in, mushrooms, and the peas. I mixed it all together! And after, I mounted the pasta on a plate, sliced the steaks and served to my starving boyfriend.

The bella mushrooms really didn’t go well with the sauce or steak. I could have cooked those separately in some herbs. The pasta become a little dry, a little olive oil on top may have helped. The steak did fit the meal though. It gave it a hardy side.

Was it the best meal? No

Was it good? Yes, when your hungry

I’m proud with how I did on my challange. I would make Jay proud…I think!

thanks everyone!

try your own challange. Think of your favorite protein, starch and veggie and try putting it all together! Leave my feedback!


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